Kuopio Rock Cock 2014

IMG_4625 ScorpionsOne year has already gone by, and again it was time for Kuopio RockCock 2014 Music Festival. This year was great and it went smoothly as always. The weather was excellent, and performing artists shined through out the weekend. Main artist for the event was legendary Scorpions from Germany. I was shooting pictures like always using my digital gear, so here are my pictures.

Pictures from this event:


Kuopio RockCock 2013

Saying “don’t fix it, if it ain’t broken” reflect perfectly this years Kuopio RockCock music festival. Two days of great weather and awesome music performances are more than one can ask for. My favorite bands on this year festival was Amaranthe (SWE), Helloween & U.D.O from Germany. Of course there were many other great artist, but that was my top 3.


Picture gallery for this event:

Medium Film format

Hasselblad 500 C/M Haudi hou! I recently bought my first medium format film camera. It’s called Hasselblad500 C/M. I have to say I love this beast! It takes very sharp and detailed photos, Only downside is that it’s heavy and bulky carry around & challenging to operate because it’s full manual nature. It doesen’t even have a build in light meter, so one have to use seperate lightmeter or the Sunny 16 rule when taking photos. Here are my first Sample film roll pictures.

Here’s some basic info about the camera. The Hasselblad 500C was first introduced in 1957 by the Victor Hasselblad AB, replacing the original focal plane shutter models 1600F and 1000F. It was replaced by the 500C/M (M for modified according to the factory), featuring an interchangeable focusing screen and an improved automatic back, the A-series film magazines.

Following the design of the previous models, the Victor Hasselblad AB made the V-series completely modular: Not only the lenses, but also the winding crank, the viewfinder and the film magazine are exchangeable during normal operation of the camera. Hasselblad came with a 12-shot magazine for 120 film.


Dead Cult Diaries

Dead Cult Diaries is a promising new band from Jyväskylä. Songs combines elements of punk, pop and hard Rock. Dead Cult Diaries won a Radio Rock Rockstarba-contest last summer. I was checking their live gig at bar Musta Kynnys & shot few photos. I suggest that you check out these photos and official Dead Cult Diaries – Boys & Toys music video from Youtube

Kuopio RockCock 2012

I really enjoyed using my new film-camera on Kuopio RockCock music festival. I shot about 15 rolls of film on this event. That many films what was pain to develop, but I did it! I would like to thank all the festival organisers, bands and all the kind people who may appear on my photos. Click the picture straight to photo gallery.