iPod Nano & iWatchz

Few days ago, I got this special urge to buy some high-tech stuff. I didn’t quite know what it would be, until I found this product called iWatchz. With this product you can wear your iPod Nano (6 generation) like a wristwatch. I thought it would be perfect for listening music when I go to the Gym. I didn’t have a wristwatch, and I sometimes thought that my iPhone 4 music player wasn’t small enough, so I bought iPod Nano too.

There are several different watch bracelets, and styles to choose from iwatchz collections. Timepiece collection was one of my favorite. You can check all the collections from the product webpage www.iwatchz.com. iPod Nano has many different clock faces to choose from. I added few pictures so you can check them out for your self. Here’s the official webpage www.apple.com/ipodnano.

In my opinion this product rocks & it’s awesome. Build in quality is also excellent. I think this is a quite funny way to combine two products together.

Please note! You need to buy iPod Nano separately, if you buy iWatchz.