Kuopio Rock 2023

Hello everyone! My home town “Kuopio City” is once again invaded by rock, and rock’n roll people all-around Finland! It’s nice to see everyone is partying despite the rain, and little cold weather. Here’s a link to this year photogallery i shoot at t his event. Images can update because it’s ongoing event.

PIcture Collage 1

PIcture Collage 2

KuopioRock 2021

Kuopio Rock 2021

Hello World, It was awesome to witness, and to capture some live music at the Kuopiorock Festival. I took some pictures from this event as usual, and enjoyed great two days of music greatness & atmosphere. It was good to see people enjoying dispait this worldwide covid madness. Nightwish was my favourite 🙂 Maybe I see you next year also.

Kuopio Rock 2019

Kuopio Rock 2019

Hello people. It has been quite a long time since i last updated my webpage. I just realised that i haven’t uploaded my last year festival photos to my page. Time flies so fast, that i can’t believe it. This year (2020) we unfortunately didn’t have any big music festival’s here in Finland because of Covid-19 pandemic. Below some photos from Kuopio Rock festivals 2019. I hope we will have Kuopiorock 2021 next summer.

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John Smith Rock Festival 2018

Fuji-X100F thumb

Hello my dear rock’n roll friends. I have totally forgot to update my frontpage, for my latest travels to music and photo events. I’ve been very busy doing other things lately. Anyways I have to say that John Smith Rock is one of the best rock / heavy festivals in Finland. Mainly because this event is targeted only for adults, and one great thin is that you can drink and listen band’s freely at the area :

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Kuopio Rock 2017

Kuopio Rock 2017Hello world, it has been quite a while from my last post. That’s because I have been very busy on my other things and projects. Last summer Kuopio Rock was awesome as always, but I didn’t have change to be there’s on both days. Anyway, here is some live pictures from that event. My favourite bands this year was Battle Beast and Megadeth and they did a great show, I really encourage you to come and visit Kuopio Rock Festival, if you haven’t already.

FujiFilm X100F

Fuji-X100F thumb

Fujifilm Finepix X100F: Is a prime lens digital camera that uses a custom APS-C sized CMOS sensor and Hybrid Viewfinder, and fixed 23 mm F2.0 Fujinon lens. The X100F is the fourth generation of Fujifilm’s well-respected X100 series. It has the ‘classic’ design cues, but almost everything has changed under the surface. Click picture Gallery to check some sample’s from this camera.

The Fujifilm X-series range of digital cameras consists of Fujifilm‘s high-end digital cameras[1] and is aimed at professional and keen enthusiast photographers. It is part of the larger range of Fujifilm’s digital cameras. X-series itself is not characterized by a single common sensor size, technology or a lens format. Rather, its main differentiating feature is emphasis on the controls needed by an advanced digital camera user.