Hello all fellow rock’n roll nerds! I managed to arrange some free time to write my blog once again. I wanted to add here few Entwine bandphotos from Kuopio’s tyƶnkulma bandnight. Pictures are from the same gig than the Suburban photos below. I haven’t seen Entwine playing no more than 2 times before, but this time was quite a suprise for the positive direction šŸ˜‰ You can check Entwine picture gallery, and check the atmosphere on that night.

Suburban Tribe

Haudi Hou! I was checking Kuopio’s rock/metal scene at Tyƶnkulma 2 weeks ago. Suburban Tribe & Entwine was playing their gig over there, so I took few photos from that night. Sound quality was excellent as allways. Here are few Photos from Suburban Tribe gig. I will add some Entwine pic’s later on, when I get my shit together. Im having some serious trouble with my computer sound system.

New Site Online!

Welcome to Wili’s Netcorner. I wanted to change my old website to this *new* blog type site, because I didn’t have enought time to update my old website for lack of free time. Its much more easier to update this new layout. I hope you like my new site design (thanks to WordPress). I will try to update this page regullary so there will be more updates in near future.