John Smith Rock Festival 2018

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Hello my dear rock’n roll friends. I have totally forgot to update my frontpage, for my latest travels to music and photo events. I’ve been very busy doing other things lately. Anyways I have to say that John Smith Rock is one of the best rock / heavy festivals in Finland. Mainly because this event is targeted only for adults, and one great thin is that you can drink and listen band’s freely at the area 🙂

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Construction of KuopioRock 2015 Music Festival

Kuopio_rock_2015_raksaHell yeah! If I remember correctly this is tenth year for me to point & shoot photos at this event. Along the years this Music Festival has gone viral, and made some name for it self and the Finnish Music Festival scene. I’m looking forward friday and the upcoming artists and shows. Click picture to see some early footage & construction of Kuopio Rock 2015.