Bangkok – Koh Samui Thailand

Hello people! I arrived back to Finland about two weeks ago  from Thailand. I’ve had quite busy 2 weeks after my holiday. Still I managed to get some free time to edit & publish my travel photo gallery. Here you can see pictures from Bangkok City and the beautiful island of Koh Samui Thailand. Click the picture on the right.

Little Squirrel

Yesterday when I woke up. I looked outside to my backyard. I saw this cute little Squirrel trying to steal my orange blanket from my backyard chair. This little fellow tried everything to have it. I think this squirrel wanted to have the blanket for the upcoming cold winter nights. Click on the picture, or use this link to see pictures of this cute little thief squirrel.

Shooting Range

Jippikayjee! I went shooting some handguns to local shooting range. I tried Glock 17, Smith & Wesson 357, Desert Eagle 50AE / .44 mag. handguns and few more. The Desert Eagle 50AE was my favourite Gun. It’s really bad ass gun. Here’s a little Video from the shooting range(right click the file to save). I filmed it using my iPhone 3g S.

NOTE: You need to have Quicktime Player installed.

Riding Today

Ouh jeeah! Today was a great day to do some bike riding. Weather was sunny and warm. I drove a few kilometres on curvy road near my home town. I stopped for a brake and took this picture. After I smoked one cigarette, I jumped on my bike and went for a 30km high speed run towards my home. Tomorrow I think I’ll do the same thing.