Tour De Sky 2016 – Kuopio

tour de sky 2016 kuopio-thumbTour de Sky – Kuopio International Airshow June 18.-19, 2016 is the main airshow event in Finland 2016. Airshow is organized by The Finnish Aeronautical Association (FAA) in co-operation with First Event Ltd. FAA’s annual airshow is the biggest aviation event each year in Finland. Airshow is organized each year in different city / airport to cover the whole country. Local flying and skydiving clubs are traditionally also working for the show. The main airshow returns to Kuopio International Airport after nine years. Finland’s main annual airshow is also the main annual airshow for Finnish Air Force, Army Aviation and Border Guard. Therefore the airshow is organized with close co-operation with them. Click picture to see gallery.

Medium Film format

Haudi hou! I recently bought my first medium format film camera. It’s called Hasselblad500 C/M. I have to say I love this beast! It takes very sharp and detailed photos, Only downside is that it’s heavy and bulky carry around & challenging to operate because it’s full manual nature. It doesen’t even have a build in light meter, so one have to use seperate lightmeter or the Sunny 16 rule when taking photos. Here are my first Sample film roll pictures.

Here’s some basic info about the camera. The Hasselblad 500C was first introduced in 1957 by the Victor Hasselblad AB, replacing the original focal plane shutter models 1600F and 1000F. It was replaced by the 500C/M (M for modified according to the factory), featuring an interchangeable focusing screen and an improved automatic back, the A-series film magazines.

Following the design of the previous models, the Victor Hasselblad AB made the V-series completely modular: Not only the lenses, but also the winding crank, the viewfinder and the film magazine are exchangeable during normal operation of the camera. Hasselblad came with a 12-shot magazine for 120 film.


Visiting Rome

All roads lead to Rome they say. Back in the days of the Roman Empire, everyone was to know that Rome was the center of all life. So there I was. Standing next to Colosseum and wondering the time of the ancient Rome. I had four days to explore the city. It was more than enough for me to visit all the popular sightseeing spots & places. Here’s few snap shot’s from my trip. All pictures taken with iPhone 4.

August Forest

Today evening, I felt like going outside to take a little walk to nearby forest. I also wanted to test my new Camera Body (Canon 50D) that arrived on Friday. Since I broke my old camera, it felt good to notice that the new 50D picture quality was surprisingly good. Here’s few August Forest photos I’d like to share. Click picture to see the gallery.