Analog is back

Allrighty then! I recently have been little bored with my photography hobby. I think one reason is that too much digitalgear are released nowadays, and you can’t buy them all. This triggered me to go back to basics, and really gave me reason to learn some oldschool photography. I went to do some shopping on ebay. I bought an old Canon A-1 film camera + few lenses, 35mm negative scanner and photochemisty kits, that I could learn the basics how to develop color and black & white negatives at home. I had quite tense two weeks of learning curve, but surprisingly¬†I learned the basics of film photography quite fast.

I really enjoy taking “Real Photographs” using Canon A-1 manual focus lenses, and the fact that I can’t see my photos straight away from camera LCD screen makes photography alot more interesting and fun. I also like wider latitude on 35mm negative films, and those unique rendered colours that every different films can produce.